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Nintex - #MyNintexFlex Campaign

My Role: Creative Director

Goal: Nintex, an international company specializing in process automation, needed to create consistency across their advertising and to humanize their message.  

Solution: Develop a new brand campaign to scale across brand awareness ads as well as product-specific initiatives with target industries and professionals. 

That's when #MyNintexFlex came to life. The concept focuses on the outcomes of implementing Nintex products. We acknowledged how users gain feelings of confidence thanks to no-code, easy-to-use interfaces, and experience feelings of freedom thanks to efficiency, trust and time back to focus on what matters (both at work and in their personal lives). The messaging also plays on everyday language and the casual language people might use in areas like social media captions.

Core Messaging: With the Nintex suite of products and services, you gain confidence in consistent, smooth process automation and in your ability to easily build them—no code required. From uncovering automation opportunities (go ahead, take the credit for the insights) to measuring the efficiency and awesomeness of your new workflows, we’ve got you covered. And you might feel so confident that you’ll start showing off all the things you can do with all the time savings—like finally starting that stamp collection, leaving your desk for lunch, coaching your daughter’s soccer team, or seeing the world. We call that confidence the Nintex Flex.

That feeling when you build a workflow in hours—not days. #MyNintexFlex

Feelin’ like a Nintex ninja—cutting through bureaucracy. #MyNintexFlex

That feeling when automation boosts your bottom line. #MyNintexFlex

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