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Visit Lake Tahoe - Rebrand & Integrated Marketing Campaign

My Role: Creative Director

Awards: Destiny Award by the U.S. Travel Association


Goal: Formerly known as Tahoe South, the brand needed to reevaluate its brand platform, position and ultimately, name in order to set the stage for a future as a destination marketing and management organization. In particular, the brand and future campaign needed to balance business goals to drive tourism while preserving the lake.  

Solution: Develop a new name, brand identity, platform and launch campaign concept flexible enough to work across 4 distinctive seasons and target audiences across the U.S. 

That's when Awe and then Some came to life—the awe of the lake paired with so much more—as the basis of the entire brand.


Our brand mantra helps us bring our brand platform to life in an emotional and meaningful way. It communicates the brand's essence. It’s a manifesto, a promise to ourselves, each other and everyone who interacts with the brand.

Lake Tahoe belongs to us all.

It’s a wonder of the world.

And the center of ours.


This jewel. This majestic place.

This is our home.

We are not the first to call it that.

And we won’t be the last.


Our job is to share it with the world,

so that all who come can experience it.

See into it.

Dip their toes into it.

Stand in awe of it.

And preserve it.


The lake fills our hearts and souls.

It fuels our good times, community

and economy.

We pledge to keep it blue,

keep it beautiful,

keep it clean,

keep it safe for future generations.


We inspire locals and visitors alike to do

the same.

We promise to be innovative,

collaborative, inclusive and courageous

as we do.

We welcome everyone to bring their

friends and family,

and build a new connection to the

unmatched beauty of this place.


We welcome everyone to come alive in

Lake Tahoe.

It’s all sorts of awesome.

It’s Awe and then Some.

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